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BMW X2 and iX2 break cover. Image by BMW.

BMW X2 and iX2 break cover
More obvious coupe-like form for second-generation BMW X2 and all-electric iX2 models.
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What's all this about?

It's a totally expected move from BMW - after the launch and consolidation of the third-generation X1 and its iX1 derivative earlier in 2023, now we've got the coupe spin-offs. Following on from its predecessor, once again we have the X2, but this time around there is of course an all-electric version called the iX2.

Interesting, but can we talk about those looks first of all?

It's certainly quite a lot more... coupe-ish than it was before, isn't it? The original X2, based on the second-generation X1, was often called a coupe by its parent manufacturer, but it never had the pronounced, sloping rear roof-/hatch-line of the bigger X4 and X6 models; it was more like a very chonky hatchback. BMW appears to have redressed that this time around, as the X2 doesn't even share the same front end as the X1 - it has hexagonal kidney grilles and a different contour running down the bonnet, for example - and it has a much more rakish rear. It has grown in every exterior dimension too, when compared to the old X2, with its stats reading 4,554mm long (a gain of 194mm), 1,845mm wide (+21mm), 1,590mm tall (+64mm) and all sitting on a wheelbase of 2,692mm (+22mm). That results in bigger boot space, with even the smallest cargo area measuring a healthy 515 litres with all seats in play and 1,400 litres with the second row folded down. The most practical X2s, meanwhile, tote equivalent numbers of 560-1,470 litres.

What's the reason for the different-sized boots?

It's all to do with what's at the other end of the X2/iX2, if we're honest, as motive power ultimately determines cargo space. BMW is going to sell the internal-combustion (ICE) models with a choice of mild-hybrid petrol, turbodiesel and high-performance petrol powertrains, while the iX2 comes with just one all-electric propulsion system... for now. BMW has already said that, following the launch of these four variants in March 2024, it will bring a second EV and another diesel to the X2/iX2 family later next year, although BMW hasn't as yet confirmed any of the diesels for sale in the UK.

Go on and outline the drivetrains for me, if you will?

The smallest boot (515-1,400 litres) belongs to the model called the sDrive20i. If you're good on your BMW model badge nomenclature these days, you can break that strange alphanumeric down into the fact this X2 will be a front-wheel-drive petrol car with a decent amount of power - but what it doesn't say is that this is the 48-volt mild-hybrid model, and it's the placement of the battery pack for that part-electric system which robs the 20i of a bit of boot space when compared to its siblings. No matter; this coupe-SUV uses a 156hp/240Nm 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, accompanied by a 14kW (19hp)/55Nm electric motor, for combined system outputs of 170hp/280Nm. Expect 0-62mph in 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 132mph, all while returning up to 47.1mpg with as little as 136g/km of CO2.

Is the diesel X2 more powerful than that, then?

No. It's bigger capacity, so there's a 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit up front, but this engine turns out 150hp and 360Nm. Again driving only the front wheels, the sDrive18d runs 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds and on to a V-max of 130mph, but it's still the economy champ of the BMW's ICE line-up - consumption is rated at 55.4mpg, depending on spec, and CO2 emissions are as low as 133g/km. However, BMW UK is not showing this car in its price lists so we're unlikely to get the sDrive18d here.

OK, so what are my fast options with the X2?

You can go for the petrol X2 M35i xDrive first of all, which has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol driving all four wheels. This delivers 300hp and 400Nm, good enough for a 5.4-second 0-62mph sprint and the need to limit the coupe-SUV to 155mph flat out. Economy isn't so hot, of course, as you can expect a combined best of 36.7mpg with CO2 emissions of up to 181g/km.

Those wanting to go fast with no tailpipe-related harm to the environment will therefore want to look at the iX2 xDrive30. Borrowing from the flagship iX1, this deploys two electric motors, one on each axle, and a 66.5kWh battery pack - 64.7kWh of that is usable for driving. Power is nominally 200kW (272hp), but for a time-limited phase the iX2 xDrive30 gives you 313hp and 494Nm. That allows 0-62mph to be done and dusted with in 5.6 seconds, although the top speed is restricted to 112mph.

With official electric economy figures of 3.5-3.8 miles per kilowatt-hour, BMW is claiming the iX2 can go between 259 and 279 miles on a single charge of its battery. Which, incidentally, can be done at 130kW DC or 11kW AC as standard, with an option to upgrade the latter to 22kW. You'll need 29 minutes for a 10-80 per cent charge at 130kW DC, and around six-and-a-half hours for a 0-100 per cent top-up on an 11kW AC connection.

Didn't BMW just launch a single-motor iX1?

It did, so we're guessing the longer range, more affordable and less potent eDrive20 powertrain will be the one the German company adds to the iX2's roster in summer 2024. No idea what the other turbodiesel would be, though. We'd be delighted if Munich went mad and dropped a huge great 3.0-litre inline-six unit into the X2, but as it shares its underpinnings with the MINI, this is not only highly unlikely, but from an engineering point of view quite simply impossible. Sigh.

What gearboxes do all these use? Is there a manual option for some schpordee driving?

Regrettably not. Like so many car ranges these days, the X2 and iX2 family are all automatics. Any of the versions fitted with an internal-combustion engine are equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch Steptronic auto. The iX2, meanwhile, like every other EV going, employs a single-speed reduction gear transmission.

Any words on the interior?

There's a general premium ambience air to the X2's cabin, according to the BMW bumf, so we'll spare you much of that and just say the interior is likely to be superb, although there are no claims about head- and legroom in the rear, which is interesting given the sloping roof. However, we can give you a snippet of tasty technology chat, in that the latest BMW Operating System 9 runs the infotainment in the X2/iX2 cars, presenting its relevant features on the attractive Curved Display - this merges the instrument cluster into the central touchscreen in one wide-reaching panel on the dash.

What about prices and so on?

For the three-model UK launch line-up, you're looking at £39,365 for the X2 sDrive20i, £47,495 for the M35i xDrive and a hefty £56,540 for the iX2 xDrive30, with M Sport and M Sport Pro Pack specifications available. For reference, the X1 line-up kicks off at £34,365 and the iX1 is offered from £45,465, although there are obviously different drivetrains and specifications in the X1 range which skew the numbers somewhat. An M Sport X1 sDrive20i, for instance, is £39,115 (-£250), the X1 M35i is actually a tad more expensive than the X2 equivalent at £47,940, and the iX1 AWD twin-motor is £495 cheaper than the iX2.

Matt Robinson - 11 Oct 2023

2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.

2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.2024 BMW iX2. Image by BMW.    - BMW road tests
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