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About us

Car Enthusiast Editorial Agency

From its roots as an independent online UK publisher in 1999, Car Enthusiast has evolved into an international business with several distinct branches. Foremost amongst those is the CE Editorial agency, specialising in high-quality bespoke copy for clients all over the world. Members of the CE team attend all important international new car launches and motor shows and are experienced in rapidly writing articles to clients' house style, preferences and, importantly, deadlines. Each member of the team tests over 150 cars per year so they're qualified to offer expert opinion and CE is regularly on the first wave of each launch so it is well-placed to deliver timely copy - often ahead of the publication embargo.

But it's not just the launch circuit that we focus on. We have assisted some of the biggest names in the industry with relaunching and updating website copy, working behind the scenes, delivering vast numbers of bespoke reviews and articles in a short amount of time. Likewise, one-off newspaper and magazine supplements and even books can be fastidiously researched, written and produced to a client's exact specification and timings. We love to get involved in the editorial process when required, pitching feature ideas and then organising all aspects of a story, reducing our clients' workload, from location and car sourcing to photographer booking and any other individual requirements.

Who we are

Shane O' Donoghue - Commercial Director - @Shane_O_D

Matt Robinson - Editorial Manager - @MttRbnsn

(CE also employs the services of a select handful of trusted freelancers when required, and all copy is sub-edited internally before submitting for client approval)

Press Office Service

With a team of experienced writers and photographers to call upon, it should be no surprise to learn that motoring press offices around the world regularly utilise CE's expertise. A full press office service is offered, including press pack/release writing, location scouting for launches and high-quality press photography. All contracts are treated with the utmost of confidence.

Although itself has retained considerable site traffic, it is currently run as a 'shop front' for the CE Editorial agency's writers, showcasing their talents while entertaining and informing our readers. It focuses on new car news and reviews. Clients of the agency should know that their requirements take top priority.

The CE Editorial agency does a considerable amount of business in Ireland and so it launched the consumer website, This has grown to be, by far, the most read independent new car website in Ireland and though CE personnel contribute to it, it has a dedicated staff based in Ireland too. At times, that staff writes for CE clientele.



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