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Lunaz claims to have built world's

Lunaz claims to have built world's "most sustainable" Aston DB6
It’s a real DB6, but it has been modified with electric power and a cabin full of alternative materials.
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What's all this about?

Lunaz, the Northamptonshire-based electric vehicle company backed by David Beckham, no less, has revealed a new, more sustainable take on the Aston Martin DB6. The company has been switching DB6s to electric power for some time now, but this “most sustainable” DB6 concept showcases a range of new techniques and materials designed to make the company’s cars more sustainable.

Hold on, what is Lunaz?

An excellent question. It’s a small British company, based at Silverstone, that takes old vehicles and gives them a new lease of life with electric power and revamped interiors. For the most part, the company really does this with trucks, recycling old bin lorries into new, electrically powered vehicles. But the ‘halo’ products, if you like, are classic cars such as old Jaguar XK120s, old Rolls-Royces and classic Range Rovers, all revolutionised with restored bodywork, sympathetically upgraded interiors and, of course, electric powertrains.

Why not just leave those cars in their ‘proper’ original form?

This isn’t really about taking the best examples of great classics and making them electric. It’s about taking tired cars that would otherwise be in danger of extinction and getting them back on the road in a more sustainable way. Many of the cars Lunaz converts are barn finds or non-runners, and the company will never touch rare or more historically significant cars. That’s why this car is a DB6, not a DB5.

So what's this DB6 all about. And how is it so sustainable?

Well, quite apart from the fact Lunaz has taken a tired old classic and given it a new lease of life, there’s a new cabin built with eco-friendly materials. Instead of wood veneer, for example, Lunaz has fitted its own alternative made from discarded egg and nut shells, as well as an organic, biodegradable binder. Other additions include biodegradable composite used to replace oil-based plastic parts, and a bio-based PU fabric for the interior. Piping on the seats, the headlining and door cards is also made from a leather alternative made from apple pomace – a by-product of cider production – and water-based polyurethane, as well as a wood pulp backing. Even the carpets are recycled, with regenerated nylon that is made from materials such as discarded carpets and fishing nets. The backing, meanwhile, is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Blimey. Anything else?

Oh yes. For the lower seat flutes, Lunaz used a fabric made from recycled cotton, polyester, rayon and nylon, while the parcel shelf and transmission tunnel are wrapped in a “low-carbon” leather with total emissions that are 30-50 per cent below the industry standard.

And the motor?

Naturally, Lunaz has fitted an all-electric powertrain developed entirely in-house. The battery capacity ranges from 80-120kWh and offers CCS fast charging capability, offering a range of 255 miles. That’s paired with a 375hp electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

What does Lunaz have to say about it?

“Upcycling is a holistic, whole-vehicle process in which sustainability encompasses not only the clean-air powertrain but also the materials and finishes used in the interior,” said the company’s founder, David Lorenz. “We’ve seen significant interest from our clients in maximising our use of sustainable alternatives to traditional leathers, veneers and fabrics. This upcycling project provides a wonderful showcase for emerging materials and innovative products, which are opening up new possibilities across the luxury world. As this magnificent DB6 shows, we can create authentic, truly luxurious interiors worthy of the most famous marques using materials with the smallest possible environmental impact. These are very exciting times for us, our clients and our industry.”

Can I buy it?

Yes and no. For the time being, the car is a design study, showcasing what Lunaz can do. If you really wanted, you could specify a car just like this one, but it really exists to show customers what’s possible. All the materials on show here are available in customer cars, so you can pick and choose which you want as you tailor your car to your designs.

James Fossdyke - 23 Nov 2023

Lunaz's. Image by Lunaz.Lunaz's. Image by Lunaz.Lunaz's. Image by Lunaz.Lunaz's. Image by Lunaz.Lunaz's. Image by Lunaz.

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