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Lamborghini: Return of the Countach. Image by Lamborghini.

Lamborghini: Return of the Countach
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous Countach, Lamborghini has revealed the Countach LPI 800-4
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What's all this about?

This is about the return of one of the most famous names in automotive history, the Lamborghini Countach, which celebrates its 50th birthday in 2021. If you weren't fortunate enough to own one then there's a good chance you had a poster of one on your bedroom or office wall in the 1970s and 1980s. It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cars ever made and for that matter one of the most iconic pieces of design.

To celebrate the anniversary, Lamborghini used the exclusive Quail event that forms part of Monterey Car Week in in California, to reveal the Countach LPI 800-4 which will be available in limited numbers and features a number of design features that pay homage to the original LP 400.

Is it actually a new model?

Yes, but no. It could probably have been called the Countach Edition really, because unlike the original LP 400 it's not a standalone model. It is essentially a Lamborghini Sian, which itself is an Aventador SVJ with the added benefit of a hybrid powertrain, various design additions and a rather elevated price tag. There's far more to it than that but you get the idea.

What you do get is a car that has received the attention of Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini's head of design. He and his team have created a very special car that features elements not just of the original, but later versions of the Countach too.

"The Countach LPI 800- 4 project is an incomparable design opportunity: to take a car so important and continue its evolution into a new era is a unique privilege," says Borkert. "The Countach was provocative and polarizing, it made people smile and stare, but its infamous recognisability demonstrates the purity of its design legacy: the Countach LPI 800-4 elevates that clarity to a new level, celebrated in an exclusive limited edition to take its place in motoring history."

The front begins the very distinctive wedge shape and is reminiscent of the Quattrovalvole with its rectangular grille and headlights, although sadly you won't find the traditional pop-up lights, these have been replaced by slim, modern LED units. Borkert has re-interpreted the traditional hexagonal wheel arches and then there are massive NACA air intakes that form part of the famous scissor doors. Behind these sit louvres similar to those on the LP 400 ahead of engine cooling intakes rather like those on later Countach models.

The roof profile also follows the original rather than later models and in a nice blend of past and present, the Periscopio lines flank a photocromatic roof that can switch from clear to dark at the push of a button. The rear also has clear hints at heritage with a new interpretation of the classic hexagonita design around the light clusters.

Tell us the numbers

Firstly, just 112 will be produced, what Lamborghini calls a "few off". 112 reflects the original codename for the Countach, LP 112. Each will feature the V12 hybrid powertrain from the Sian, meaning 803hp total output, 769hp from the V12 and 33hp from the electric motor and a similar torque output too. 0-62mph is stated at 2.8 seconds, 0-124mph in 8.6 seconds and it has a top speed of 220mph. Not surprisingly these numbers are identical to those of the Sian.

What's it like inside?

Like the exterior, the interior takes its cues from the original LP 400 S with red and black leather, geometric stitching and a few 1970s references in the motif on the dashboard. Unlike the original, there is an 8.4-inch touchscreen in the centre console that features a unique button labelled Stile (Design) which when tapped gives the occupants a rundown on the design philosophy of the Countach.

Should you buy one?

Let's be honest, this is not the new Countach. It's a movie sequel that has the name of the original but the actors are all different and the script tries too hard to continue the theme. However the poster looks fantastic and it will easily entice 112 people to buy a ticket.

Mark Smyth - 13 Aug 2021

2021 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. Image by Lamborghini.2021 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. Image by Lamborghini.2021 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. Image by Lamborghini.2021 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. Image by Lamborghini.2021 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4. Image by Lamborghini.

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