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Porsche @ The 1999 Geneva Motor Show

1999 Geneva Show

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Quite possibly the ultimate incarnation of the 911 Carrera
Latest in the GT line of the Carrera is this beauty, the 911 GT3 - shown for the first time at Geneva, and lauded by Porsche as the ultimate incarnation of the 911 yet - I bet that they have not included the wonderful 959 and the brutal 911 GT1 though..

It must be said however, that there is some method to Porsche's madness. The GT3 is the basis for Porsche track-racing 911s, and therefore must be pretty good to begin with. Reflecting this is the availability of the car in "Clubsport" guise. This allows the owner to compete on track without any major modifications, and features a roll cage bolted to the body of the car.

The six cylinder boxer engine displaces 3.6-litres, developing a whopping 360bhp and 273lbft - impressive figures bearing in mind the lack of turbocharging. Considering that this unit is based on the Le Mans engine, don't expect to need an AA membership either.

The GT3 arrives in the UK in May but even if you can afford the 76,500 asking price all 20 are sold already. Sorry.
S.O' (Email)
Photograph provided by Porsche UK

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