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Mazda @ The 1999 Geneva Motor Show

1999 Geneva Show

The 10th Anniversary Mazda MX-5

The word "stylish" pops up no less than 4 times in Mazda UK's press release about the Premacy Matsuri Concept. Along with "versatile" and "flexible", and the ridiculous new tag for Mazda styling - "Contrast in Harmony" it appears that the Ford influence is pushing Mazda into defining a very strong brand image. They should, in our view just stick to what they are good at - making practical, reliable, good value cars - alongside a few specials like the MX-5 and RX7 of course.
The only festival is in the spacious back seat... Photographs provided by Mazda UK

There is not anything wrong with the Premacy mind you - if you have a family that is. The Matsuri Concept (matsuri = festival in Japanese) however is tarted up to appeal to the younger family, if not quite the enthusiastic driver. The "transformation" begins on the outside with Silver Green paint (on the body and mouldings), and sporty 6-spoke alloy wheels. The interior (leather) is a mix of light green and black, which is fine, but then there is the wood trim. Oh dear. Avert your eyes a moment and you will notice the DVD player - used for the navigation system as well as videos. This is even voice-controlled - presumably so that you can keep an eye on the kids behind you playing with the two retractable 7 inch wide screens. These screens can also be used to browse the Internet and even allow the connection of games consoles - now that is more like it! Gran Turismo on the go..

The only other car of interest on the stand is the Anniversary edition of the popular MX-5. This is detailed in last week's news.

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