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Lego recreates working Chiron... out of bricks. Image by Lego.

Lego recreates working Chiron... out of bricks
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Recently, Lego completed an amazing tie-up with Bugatti, allowing the Danish brick-construction company to recreate the astonishing Chiron hypercar in 1:8th form, using 3,599 bits of Lego Technic (we know; we've built the Technic kit and it's fantastic). Well, now the idea has gone one stage further. You're looking at a 1:1, full-sized replica of the Chiron, once again constructed (almost) entirely out of Lego Technic bricks. More than one million Technic items, spread across 339 different Lego elements, went into the Technic Chiron, as well as 4,032 Technic gear wheels, 2,016 Technic cross axles, 2,304 Lego Power Function electric motors... oh, and 13,438 man-hours for the build. Only the wheels/tyres and badges, all lifted directly from the real Chiron, are non-Lego items and the build - not glued together in any way - can support two adult humans... and drive under its own power. Weighing 1.5 tonnes and developing 5.3hp with an estimated 92Nm backing it up, the Technic Chiron managed 12.5mph at Ehra-Lessien, the same German track the 262mph real thing was tested at during its development stages. Following on from its first test, the brilliant Lego Technic life-size Bugatti Chiron will be unveiled for the first time at the Italian Formula 1 GP at Monza, Italy.

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30 Aug 2018

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2018 Bugatti Chiron made from Lego Technic. Image by Lego.    

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