Wednesday 16th January 2019
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New Mazda 3 gets LA debut. Image by Mazda.

New Mazda 3 gets LA debut
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What's this then?

This is the new Mazda3.

Is it? It's a bit hard to tell...

Yes, the image is a bit darkened, right enough, but trust us, it's the new 3. It'll be getting a full public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on the 28th of November.

Looks pretty sleek.

Yup, it should stick pretty closely to the styling of the Kai concept car shown in Tokyo last year, and that was a bit of a stunner. Once again, five-door hatch and four-door saloon models will be offered, and there's a new SkyActiv package.

Does that come with movies and the football?

No, SkyActiv, not Sky. SkyActiv is Mazda-speak for a new chassis that's lighter, stronger and potentially more refined than before. There's also a clever new petrol engine, the SkyActiv-X, which can run on normal spark ignition, or switch to diesel-style compression ignition, which means it can be as much as 30 per cent more efficient than a conventional petrol engine.

Anything else?

Regular petrol and diesel models will be available too, and eventually hybrid and range-extender electric versions should follow along.

When can I have one?

Sales start in the summer of 2019.

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