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  Wednesday 3rd September 2014
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Discovery Sports a new look. Image by Land Rover. lead story - Discovery Sports a new look

Discovery Sports a new look
Farewell Freelander; hello Land Rover Discovery Sport. >>
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Rear-drive Renault Twingo. Image by Renault.
Driven: Rear-drive Renault Twingo
Not a ball of rear-drive fun, but the new Renault Twingo is still a worthy rival for established city cars.

Driven: Volkswagen Amarok Canyon. Image by Matt Robinson.
Volkswagen Amarok Canyon
Our man channels his inner American and falls in love with a German film star... sorry, pick-up.

First drive: Audi RS 5 TDI Concept. Image by Audi.
Audi mulling diesel RS
There's no typo in the title: this really is a TDI diesel-powered Audi RS 5, albeit a prototype only - for now.

Driven: Nissan Qashqai. Image by Nissan.
New Qashqai in the UK
Nissan's refreshed crossover phenomenon is tested on UK roads. Turns out to be brilliant.

First drive: Vauxhall Corsa VXR ClubSport. Image by Vauxhall.
Fizz, bang Corsa VXR.
Vauxhall injects some life into the final years of its VXR Corsa with another special edition, the Nürburgring-based ClubSport.
test drives
Incoming: Nissan Pulsar. Image by Nissan.
Incoming: Nissan Pulsar
So now that Nissan is done with setting up the crossover category - and dominating it - it's turning its attention back to the Golf with its new Pulsar model.

Incoming: Audi TT. Image by Audi.
Incoming: Audi TT
Audi's new TT evolves the style icon's design language slowly, but is full of tech inside. Who cares about all that; how does it drive? Stay tuned.


latest news Radical R.S. 01 revealed. Image by Renault.
Radical R.S. 01 revealed
Renaultsport racer hoped to lead to road-going sports car.

More Kia Sorento details. Image by Kia.
More Kia Sorento details
Here's the new Kia Sorento in more detail - ahead of its Paris debut.
Atalanta to be re-launched. Image by Atalanta.
Atalanta re-born
Fancy a car from the 1930s made today, to your specification? Atalanta has the answer.
SEAT prices up X-Perience. Image by SEAT.
Leon X-Perience pricing
High-riding Leon ST to start from £24,285 when it goes on sale later this year.
400hp Golf R by ABT. Image by ABT.
400hp Golf R
Volkswagen gave its Golf R 400hp in concept format; ABT brought it to life.

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