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  Monday 30th May 2016
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First drive: Audi A1 quattro. Image by Audi. lead story - First drive: Audi A1 quattro

First drive: Audi A1 quattro
Audi A1 mixes with TTS to provide an intriguing (if expensive) all-wheel drive, high-performance hatchback. >>
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Dual-clutch Veloster coupé. Image by Hyundai.
Driven: Dual-clutch Veloster coupé
One door longer than the other, the three-, no we mean four-door, oh who cares - it's the new Hyundai Veloster.

First drive: Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost. Image by Ford.
A 1.0-litre Ford Focus
So what's this new Ford Focus 1.0-litre EcoBoost like? Well - and the clue's in the name here - a bit like a Ford Focus really.

First drive: Bentley Continental GT V8. Image by Max Earey.
Cheapest Bentley is best
Bentley's new Continental GT V8 makes the W12 seem like a pointless extravagance.

Week at the wheel: Hyundai i40. Image by Hyundai.
A five-star Hyundai saloon?
Previous large Hyundais have been pretty lacklustre to say the least, but the new i40 promises much - question is can it deliver?

Week at the wheel: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster. Image by Mercedes-Benz.
SLS without the gullwings
Mercedes lops the roof off its SLS AMG, but does the Roadster still appeal without those gullwing doors?
test drives
Incoming: Audi A1 quattro. Image by Audi.
Incoming: Audi A1 quattro
So how does the Audi A1 cope with 265hp and four-wheel drive? Kyle's trying it out for size on a frozen lake somewhere int the world as you read this.

Gallery: New Kia cee'd five-door. Image by Kia.
Gallery: New Kia cee'd five-door
The outgoing Kia cee'd was a pretty decent car, but the new model, debutting at the Geneva Motor Show, stands a chance of being compared with the best in class.


latest news Insurance and discrimination. Image by Epiphany Solutions.
Insurance and discrimination
Age and gender discrimination with car insurance: the facts.

Ferrari enhances appeal of California. Image by Ferrari.
Updated California
More power, less weight and a handling package for the latest Ferrari California.
Next Audi RS model is an Avant. Image by Audi.
Audi RS 4 Avant has 450hp
Audi has revealed its newest RS model, the RS 4 Avant, set to debut in Geneva.
XIV-2: Korean for Evoque. Image by SsangYong.
Sporty SsangYong SUV
SsangYong XIV-2 has Range Rover Evoque in its crosshairs.
Kia KH points in a new direction. Image by Kia.
Kia's range-topper
Kia to enter the world of luxury saloons.

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