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  Saturday 20th September 2014
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First drive: Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost. Image by Ford. lead story - First drive: Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost

First drive: Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost
The new Ford Focus is astoundingly good - more so than its mildly facelifted look suggested. >>
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Bonkers Toyota i-Road. Image by Toyota.
Driven: Bonkers Toyota i-Road
The Toyota i-Road is like nothing else on earth, but you may never be able to buy one.

First drive: Infiniti Q50 2.0t. Image by Infiniti.
New 2.0-litre turbo Infiniti
Infiniti drops a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine into the Q50. Its weird steering remains, though.

First drive: Porsche Cayenne S. Image by Dean Smith.
Porsche Cayenne S
Mid-life revisions add a new bi-turbo V6 to the Porsche Cayenne S for improved performance, economy and emissions.

First drive: MINI 5 door Cooper S. Image by MINI.
MINI 5 door Cooper S
The Cooper S version of the new MINI 5 door is competent, but we'd stick with the diesels.

First drive: David Brown Automotive Speedback GT. Image by David Brown Automotive.
DBA Speedback GT
A classic car with modern underpinnings was David Brown's dream - has he made it reality?
test drives
Incoming: Jeep Renegade. Image by Jeep.
Incoming: Jeep Renegade
We're driving the baby Jeep this week. Makes a lot of sense in terms of strategy and market demand, but will it be any good?

Incoming: Peugeot 508. Image by Peugeot.
Incoming: Peugeot 508
Peugeot revamps its 508 line-up just in time to take on Ford's new Mondeo and the stylish new Volkswagen Passat. Has it got a hope?


latest news Mixx and Maxx give added Soul. Image by Kia.
Mixx and Maxx give added Soul
Kia's crossover gets two high-specification models, costing from 18,150.

Mulsanne Speeded up by Bentley. Image by Bentley.
Mulsanne gets some Speed
Power up to 537hp, torque to a colossal 1,100Nm, styling tweaks and interior changes too for new Mulsanne.
First images of Honda Jazz 'prototype'. Image by Honda.
New Jazz previewed
Europeanised Honda Jazz to debut in Paris.
Merc B-Class gets a facelift. Image by Mercedes-Benz.
Facelifted B-Class
Mercedes fiddles about with its family car, including refreshed looks inside and out.
C-HR concept hybrid teased by Toyota. Image by Toyota.
Toyota teases crossover
Paris Motor Show debut for Toyota's C-segment crossover vehicle.

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