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  Wednesday 1st October 2014
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Aston Martin Lagonda meets its grandfather. Image by Aston Martin. lead story - Aston Martin Lagonda meets its grandfather

Aston Martin Lagonda meets its grandfather
New images of Aston's super saloon provide first look at car's interior. >>
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All-new Jeep Renegade. Image by Jeep.
Driven: All-new Jeep Renegade
The Jeep Renegade is the famed American brand's first serious dip into the crossover pool.

First drive: Peugeot 508. Image by Peugeot.
2015MY Peugeot 508
In a bid to move upmarket, the new Peugeot 508 comes in for an extensive update.

First drive: Volkswagen Golf GTE. Image by Volkswagen.
Golf GTE hybrid
Can the new GTE live up to its Golf GTI and GTD brethern?

First drive: Audi TT TDI Ultra. Image by Audi.
Ultra Audi TT TDI
While we all love the pace of the TTS, the new diesel-powered Audi TT Ultra makes so much more sense.

First drive: Nissan Pulsar 1.2 DIG-T. Image by Nissan.
Petrol-powered Pulsar
We drive the second launch model of Nissan's underwhelming C-segment hatch, the petrol-fuelled Pulsar 1.2 DIG-T.
test drives
Paris Motor Show. Image by Mercedes-AMG.
Paris Motor Show
The Paris Motor Show is shaping up to be a good one. Can anything out-shine the incredible Mercedes-AMG GT there? Stay tuned.

Incoming: Lexus NX. Image by Lexus.
Incoming: Lexus NX
About time Lexus got in on the premium compact SUV segment. Its NX certainly grabs attention with its sharp looks, but is the market ready for the lack of a diesel option?


latest news Volkswagen to reveal Passat GTE in Paris. Image by Volkswagen.
Volkswagen to reveal Passat GTE in Paris
Plug-in hybrid version of Volkswagen's latest saloon and estate unveiled.

More powerful Honda diesel engine ready. Image by Honda.
New Honda engines
New Honda diesel engine to debut alongside a pair of petrol units.
Most extreme Type R yet set for Paris reveal. Image by Honda.
Type R for Paris
Honda's 280hp Civic Type R has a button to turn things up to 11.
McLaren produces 625C for Asian markets. Image by McLaren.
Asia-only 625C
The McLaren 625C is the more useable 650S you didn't know you wanted.
Open-top swansong for Ferrari 458 Speciale. Image by Ferrari.
Open-topped 458 Speciale
'Aperta' model could be the final normally-aspirated road-going Ferrari to leave the factory.

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