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First drive: Tesla Model 3 'Highland'. Image by Matt Robinson/Tesla.

First drive: Tesla Model 3 'Highland'
A significant update for the Tesla Model 3 promises big improvements, but where have the column stalks got to?!
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First drive: Tesla Model S. Image by Tesla.

First drive: Tesla Model S
2015 Tesla Model S (First drive - P85+)
Game-changing Model S from electric start-up Tesla makes every other electric car look a bit silly.
Tesla Roadster Sport vs. Bentley Continental Supersports. Image by Max Earey.

Tesla Roadster Sport vs. Bentley Continental Supersports
2010 Tesla Roadster (Twin test - Roadster Sport vs Bentley Continental Supersports)
If bio-fuels and electricity are the future then the Bentley Supersports and Tesla Roadster are a glimpse at the high-performance cars of tomorrow.
Future Shock. Image by Kyle Fortune.

Future Shock
2008 Tesla Roadster (First drive - Signature Edition)
Perception shifting, genre-smashing electric Roadster from Tesla demonstrates a bright future for motoring.

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