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Click here for the 2001 Australian rally preview by Andrew Frampton. Picture by Subaru. New VW Supercar closer to production. Picture by VW. Alfa Romeo win the 2001 European Touring Car Championship. Picture by Alfa Romeo. The 2001 Tokyo Motor Show picture gallery. Picture by Toyota.
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Update: 25 Oct 2001

This week's top story is the eagerly awaited Tokyo Motor Show. Our gallery of pictures from the show is now online, and it will be updated in a few days when more news comes in.

Those of you following the World Rally Championship will be interested in our preview of the Australian Rally.

Shane - Ed
Some of the Tokyo pictures now online -

Honda: Bulldog, Dual Note, Unibox - all concepts, and a new NSX-R.

Isuzu: very interesting Zen concept.

Mazda: public launch of the new Mazda 6 and RX-8 sportscar, funny 'Secret Hideout' concept.

Mitsubishi: four concepts - two irrelevant, two not far from production. Hopefully.

Tokyo Motor Show 2001 - madness!
This crazy 'Nails' concept by Nissan is just one of many at the 2001 Tokyo Show - click here for the latest picture gallery update. Picture by Nissan.

The 2001 Tokyo Motor Show has a hard act to follow, after a very exciting Frankfurt Show. The Japanese manufacturers have succeeded though. They may have even gone too far with some of the concepts! See for yourself.
Nissan: the mm concept points at a new Micra, radical Nails concept, and last but not least, the Fairlady Z Coupe.

Suzuki: cute little Covie concept.

Toyota: where to start! Toyota showed everything from the ultimate Toyota sports car to concept vans and off-roaders.


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