Friday 22nd June 2018
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First Drive: Proton EMAS concept. Image by Max Earey.

First Drive: Proton EMAS concept
Proton may never make anything like the EMAS, but the Lotus developed range extender could still be very significant.
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A Savvy little city car. Image by Syd Wall.

A Savvy little city car
2007 Proton Savvy (Style manual)
Proton has long been associated with budget priced cars, but these cars have nearly always been aimed at the family market. Now it's time for the Malaysian company to enter the city car market with the Savvy, the first Proton supermini since the Tiara ended production in 2000 and the first to be sold in this part of Europe.
A New Beginning. Image by Syd Wall.

A New Beginning
2007 Proton GEN-2 (1.6 GSX manual)
Imagine you run a large car company. Your cars are, quite frankly, dull. But then you buy one of the world's most glamorous marques, one with a long history of innovation and a real motorsport heritage. What do you do? You have them help out with the design and engineering of your cars. Would Lotus be proud of the new GEN-2?
A New Hero from the Orient. Image by Syd Wall.

A New Hero from the Orient
2007 Proton Satria Neo (1.6 GSX manual)
The warm hatchback market is one no volume manufacturer can afford not to be part of. The idea of combining style, youth appeal and insurance friendly performance options has been around long enough, and it's Proton's turn to join the party with the Satria Neo, the 'New Hero' in Malaysian.
Proton Impian road test. Image by Mark Sims.

Proton Impian road test
2002 Proton Impian (1.6X)
Proton is not yet a name we associate with sportiness, but all the signs are that we may do some day. The Satria GTi was the start of it, being the first to enjoy the "Handling by Lotus" badge (a Malaysian conglomerate owns Lotus and Proton so it makes sense to try to add sparkle to the Proton range in this way). I have not driven it, but it did receive good reviews at the time of its launch. I suspect it is feeling a little dated now. Enter Proton's latest car - the Impian...

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