Monday 8th March 2021
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First drive: Fiat 500 EV Convertible. Image by Simon Thompson.

First drive: Fiat 500 EV Convertible
Itís a bold move by Fiat to wholly electrify the big-selling 500, but itís also a brilliant one.
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First drive: Fiat 500C Hybrid. Image by Fiat.

First drive: Fiat 500C Hybrid
2020 Fiat 500C (First drive - Hybrid Launch Edition)
Has Fiat left it a bit late to make the 500 into a hybrid model? And has the Italian company done enough with its part-electric tech?
First drive: Fiat Panda Hybrid. Image by Fiat.

First drive: Fiat Panda Hybrid
2020 Fiat Panda (First drive - Hybrid City Cross Launch Edition)
Proving thereís life in the, um, old Panda yet, Fiat brings hybrid technology to its charming city car.
Driven: Fiat Fullback LX. Image by Fiat.

Driven: Fiat Fullback LX
2017 Fiat Fullback (Road test - LX)
Fiat borrows the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up and creates its Fullback truck.
First Drive: Fiat Fullback Cross. Image by Fiat.

First Drive: Fiat Fullback Cross
2018 Fiat Fullback (First drive - 2.4 Fullback Cross)
Nothing to be angry about here as Fiat launches the excellent Fullback Cross.
Driven: Fiat 500 TwinAir 105. Image by Fiat.

Driven: Fiat 500 TwinAir 105
2016 Fiat 500 (Road test - TwinAir 105 facelift)
Look really closely and you might spot this is the new Fiat 500

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