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Daewoo Lacetti review. Image by Daewoo.

Daewoo Lacetti review
The Lacetti is Daewoo's latest offering in the compact hatch market. At launch the range consisted of the 9,495 1.4 SE and 10,495 1.6 SX, and that's it - a refreshingly simple approach to selling cars.
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Daewoo Matiz 1.0 review. Image by Shane O' Donoghue.

Daewoo Matiz 1.0 review
2003 Daewoo Matiz (1.0 Xtra)
When we tested the Matiz for the first time, the 2002 model year car was a relatively new kid on the small car block, and it impressed us despite having a tiny three-cylinder engine. A lot of other small cars have since filtered through our hands. A year or so later, fitted with a new 1.0-litre four-cylinder engine, how does the Daewoo Matiz now fare?
Daewoo Kalos road test. Image by Shane O' Donoghue.

Daewoo Kalos road test
2003 Daewoo Kalos (1.4-litre SX 5-door)
The first ever Daewoo I drove for any length of time was the little Matiz we tested last year. I liked it, despite my preconceptions. It was with this in mind that I picked up the keys to the gold 5-door Kalos you see pictured here.
Daewoo Tacuma road test. Image by Adam Jefferson.

Daewoo Tacuma road test
2002 Daewoo Tacuma (CDX)
The modern day consumer is a fussy creature. He wants it all. In no other market is this more obvious than the car. We want performance and economy. Practicality and style must somehow go hand in hand...
Daewoo Matiz road test. Image by Kelvin Fagan.

Daewoo Matiz road test
2002 Daewoo Matiz (SE)
I wonder if you had the same preconceived views of the diminutive Daewoo Matiz as I had before taking delivery of the mini-mini. Even with our supposedly unbiased opinions, journalists more often than not pre-determine a car's characteristics before even driving it...

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