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First drive: 2022 MG4 Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.

First drive: 2022 MG4 Trophy Long Range
MGís new electric hatchback is here to show itís more than just a value proposition.


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2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range

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The modern MG brand is built on value, but the company clearly has ambitions to be more than just a cheap and cheerful alternative to the likes of VW and Nissan. Its growing range of electric cars already includes the solid MG5 and ZS EV, but now there's a new model that moves the game on even more. It's called the MG4, and it's MG's answer to the VW ID.3. But can it really compete with the mighty German?

Test Car Specifications

Model: 2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range
Price: MG4 from £25,995, Trophy Long Range from £31,495
Engine: 150kW electric motor
Battery: 64kWh lithium-ion
Transmission: single-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power: 204hp
Torque: 250Nm
Emissions: 0g/km
Range: 270 miles
0-62mph: 7.9 seconds
Top speed: 100mph
Boot space: 363 litres


The MG4's exterior splits opinion, with some liking the angular lines and sharp nose while others despair of the blank sides and the slightly squashed appearance. We fall into the latter camp, but even we can admit there are some snazzy touches. We're big fans of the rear lights fitted to high-end Trophy models, and the two-tone roof works too. We're less sold on the plastic aero hub caps, however, which hide the standard alloy wheels.


The MG4's interior is very tech-heavy, with very few buttons on the dashboard and two massive screens. The biggest is the central touchscreen, which houses almost all the vehicle controls. Normally, we'd be dead against such a move, but while the MG's screen may not look especially pretty, it feels more stable and sharper than some fancier displays. It can even be personalised to provide easy access to the functions you'll use most. Sadly, the digital instrument cluster is not so good, thanks to a slightly messy display and complicated steering wheel controls, but things aren't all that bad. The material quality is up there with the likes of Hyundai and Skoda, while build quality is pretty strong too, so it feels as though it'll cope with the rough and tumble of family life. If we're being picky, we aren't great fans of the dark rooflining that makes the cabin feel a bit dingy, but that really is a first-world problem.


The MG4 is a very spacious car, despite the dark cabin. There's room for four adults to sit in comfort, although squeezing a fifth into the back row might be optimistic, and there's enough boot space for their luggage. Admittedly, the technical specifications show the load space is a little smaller than that of the VW ID.3, but only on paper. You'll struggle to spot the difference when you see the two cars in the metal.


The MG4 is currently available with a choice of two battery packs Ė the 51kWh Standard Range option and the 64kWh Long Range version Ė each of which come with their own electric motor. The Standard Range car gets a 170hp motor that drives the rear wheels, while the Long Range version tested here comes with a 204hp motor. Oddly enough, the less powerful option is marginally faster off the line, but both achieve 0-62mph in less than eight seconds.

Thatís plenty fast enough for most, and itís nowhere near as important as the range on offer. The Long Range model we tested will manage up to 281 miles on the official economy test, but thatís in basic SE guise. Upgrade to the Trophy model and that falls slightly to 270 miles, or around 200-220 miles in the real world. If you really want more range, MG has promised a 77kWh Extended Range battery will soon follow, offering more than 300 miles on a charge.

Ride & Handling

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the MG4 is not the technology or the range, but the way in which it rides. Normally, electric cars sag into potholes as the weight of the battery drags them down, but the MG4 doesn't behave like that. Instead, the vertical movement of the wheels is effortlessly damped and while the stiff chassis may tilt a little, there's no thumping or jarring from the suspension. At any speed, it's immensely comfortable. And customers won't pay the price for that ride when it comes to a corner. Sure, the MG4 leans a little bit and the steering is quite numb, but it feels more substantial and more stable than you might imagine, and it responds quite keenly to steering inputs. You might even call it 'fun'.


Value is a traditional MG selling point, and the MG4 follows the example of its predecessors. Basic SE models start at £25,995, and still come with the big touchscreen, climate control and rear parking sensors, as well as the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration tech. Vehicle-to-load technology, allowing appliances including laptops and mini fridges to be powered using the battery, is also standard. Moving up to Trophy specification adds part-leather upholstery, satellite navigation and a 360-degree camera, as well as heated seats.


The MG4 is good value and it doesn't feel too shabby inside, but for the first time since the MG brand was reborn, it has built a car that offers more than just that. The MG4 has a great powertrain, really well-sorted suspension and competitive technology, as well as bags of space and decent build quality. Even if it cost £5,000 more, it would still be among the class leaders, but at this price it's an absolute bargain.

James Fossdyke - 1 Sep 2022

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2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.

2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.2022 MG4 EV Trophy Long Range. Image by MG Motor UK.


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