Saturday 22nd February 2020
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Driven: Suzuki Jimny SZ5. Image by Suzuki UK.

Driven: Suzuki Jimny SZ5
Good grief, the Suzuki Jimny is even better once youíve spent longer time in its glorious company.
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Driven: Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. Image by Suzuki.

Driven: Suzuki SX4 S-Cross
2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross (Road test - Boosterjet SZ5 Allgrip auto facelift)
Facelifted and boasting new engines, but is the SX4 S-Cross a crossover contender?
Driven: Suzuki Baleno. Image by Suzuki.

Driven: Suzuki Baleno
2017 Suzuki Baleno (Road test - 1.4 Boosterjet SZ5)
A budget supermini the Baleno might be, but it could be a hidden gem...
First drive: Suzuki Ignis Hybrid. Image by Suzuki.

First drive: Suzuki Ignis Hybrid
2017 Suzuki Ignis (First drive - 1.2 SHVS SZ5)
Phasers on funky, as Flight of the Conchords might sing: this is the cheeky new Suzuki Ignis crossover.
Driven: Suzuki Vitara S. Image by Suzuki.

Driven: Suzuki Vitara S
2016 Suzuki Vitara (Road test - 1.4 Boosterjet S)
Never has one letter done so much, as an ĎSí manages to transform Suzukiís Vitara.
Driven: Suzuki Vitara SZ5 Allgrip. Image by Suzuki.

Driven: Suzuki Vitara SZ5 Allgrip
2015 Suzuki Vitara (Road test - SZ5 Allgrip + Rugged Pack)
Suzuki tries to muscle into the crossover elite with its new Vitara.

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