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2009 GM and Segway P.U.M.A. Image by GM.

2009 New York Auto Show. Image by United Pictures.


2009 New York Auto Show

The car makers are taking a bite of the Big Apple at the 2009 New York Auto Show. Surprisingly, most of the stars of the show are seemingly out of touch with the economic and environmental climate, but hey, we all like a little forbidden fruit.


 General Motors
 Land Rover



  Acura ZDX concept (31)
BMW X5 M (27)
BMW X6 M (38)
Fiat 500 (2)
Ford Transit Connect Family One concept (25)
GM and Segway P.U.M.A. (13)
GMC Terrain (4)
GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid (4)
Honda Element (10)
Hyundai Nuvis concept (2)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (42)
Kia Forte Koup (2)
Land Rover Discovery (30)
Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG (4)
Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid (9)
Mercedes-Benz S-Class (18)
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing (13)
Mitsubishi Outlander GT prototype (20)
New York Show (2)
Nissan 370Z Nismo (36)
Nissan 370Z Roadster (20)
Range Rover (1)
Range Rover Sport (13)
Scion iQ concept (1)
Subaru Legacy (19)
Subaru Outback (15)
2009 GM and Segway P.U.M.A. Image by GM.

2009 Mitsubishi Outlander GT prototype. Image by Mitsubishi.

2009 Nissan 370Z Roadster. Image by Nissan.

2009 BMW X5 M. Image by BMW.

2009 Subaru Outback. Image by Subaru.

2009 Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG. Image by United Pictures.


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2009 New York Auto Show - Mark Nichol / Shane O' Donoghue

Another month, another sales slump, another motor show. It's a strange automotive epoch we live in; the chasm between fantasy and reality is widening all the time. Showrooms are emptying, the US Big Three are hanging on by the polish of their alloys, yet every maker (the aforementioned included) is churning out an unending stream of fresh, innovative concepts - most of them geared towards preserving the lovely green tinge of our planet. The 2009 New York Auto Show is no different. There is a heady mix of fantasy, folly and phenomenal debuts, all spiced up with a good old dash of Yank showmanship and hyperbole: the Big Apple has served up a veritable bushel of tasty metal - and we're bringing it all to you.

So, click the links below for the lowdown on every major stand on the New York show floor, with separate galleries linked to the pictures on the left, too. And keep coming back, because we'll be updating it over the course of the show.

Acura ZDX Crossover Concept

2009 Acura ZDX concept.   If the suits on the BMW stand had a collective little 'we told you so' smile on their faces when Acura unveiled the ZDX Crossover Concept, we don't blame them. Does this remind you of anything? Sadly, the X6-influenced V6-powered Japanese luxury crossover won't be coming to the UK any time soon. It looks great, though.

BMW X5 M & X6 M

2009 BMW X6 M and X5 M.   Emerging markets, here we come. BMW officially unveiled the most monolithic beasts ever to wear the M badge in New York, aimed primarily at Russian and Chinese oligarchs, but no doubt also set to become the perfect replacement for the WAGs' Range Rover. Unbelievably fast, unbelievably profligate, unbelievably desirable.

Fiat 500

2009 Fiat 500.   Just like the time Hugh Grant turned up to the premiere of Four Weddings with a certain girlfriend in a certain dress, nobody was paying attention to Chrysler's main man Jim Press when he rocked up to the stand in a Fiat 500. Yes, Chrysler needs an image boost, so what better way to get it than to turn up to the party with a beautiful Italian? It has, of course, fuelled rumours that the 500 will be launched in America as a result of the new Chrysler-Fiat alliance.

Ford Transit Connect Family One concept

2009 Ford Transit Connect Family One concept.   We were all for the spacious simplicity of a good van-based MPV even before we saw Ford's kid-friendly Family One Concept. Now that we've had a proper look at it, however, we're convinced it might actually be the first ever genuinely cool people carrier. It's got Lego storage, projector screens, blue neon lights and a set of walkie talkies, for goodness's sake. Just how big is it in there?

Honda Element

2009 Honda Element.   The days of throwing your dos into a big cage in the back of your estate car are drawing to a close, thanks to this: the Honda Element Crufts Edition. It's not really called that, but Honda showed off an Element in New York that, if produced, will become as common at the dog show as silly hats are at Ascot. Features include a doggy bed, a pet restraint system, a spill-resistant bowl and, for useless dogs that can't jump, a floor-to-boot ramp. Weird, but useful too.

Hyundai Nuvis concept

2009 Hyundai Nuvis concept.   As if we needed any more proof, Hyundai set about reminding us that it can be proper sexy these days by lifting the dust sheet off the marvellous Nuvis concept. It's a medium-sized SUV crossover with gullwing doors that, of course, points to something (undoubtedly more mundane) for the future.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee.   We don't see that many of them here, but in America the Jeep Grand Cherokee is something of a Christopher Biggins - an inescapable, big fat icon. This new one ticks all the model update boxes by being bigger, better quality, better off road and better looking. Top models get fancy air suspension, and there's a new Selec-Terrain system that looks remarkably like Land Rover's Terrain Response system, allowing you to choose what kind of ground you're on before tearing it up.

Kia Forte Koup

2009 Kia Forte Koup.   It's hard to fathom quite how a car that looks so much like a US-spec Honda Civic, and has such a stupid name, can come across so cool. But the Kia Forte Koup does. It's important because it's Kia's first coupé, but then again it's probably not coming to the UK. Not at any point in the near future, anyway, meaning that the 'moderately respectable Korean car' crown stays with Hyundai's coupé for the time being.

Land Rover

2010 Land Rover Discovery.   Land Rover bestowed a triptych of similarly silhouetted SUVs upon New York when it unveiled the facelifted Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. There's more harmony in the range now, with details like circular LED headlamps for all, but the big news is that moneyed mums can opt for a 5.0-litre V8 engine in their Range Rovers now, and there's a much more powerful diesel too. Hybrid shmybrid.

Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid

2009 Mercedes-Benz ML 450 Hybrid.   For the time being, the ML 450 Hybrid will only be sold in America, but it still bodes well for token gesture greenists everywhere else that such a car exists. The Two-Mode hybrid, as it's called, was co-developed with GM and Chrysler, and promises V8 power from a V6 engine and fuel economy of up to 29mpg thanks to two electric motors.

Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG

2009 Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG.   Mercedes lifted the covers off its rather discreet BMW M5/Audi RS6 killer, a car that has CEOs worldwide salivating all over their Newton's cradles. It's built to handle like a rocket on tramlines, while simultaneously riding like every road was surfaced like the 18th green at Gleneagles. We'll see, shall we, but boy it'll be fast...

Mercedes-Benz S-Class update

2009 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.   The facelifted S-Class made an appearance on the Merc stand, featuring, of course, a fresh set of LED headlamps. It also gets 'drowsiness detection' for times when you're so bored with thinking about how rich you are that you begin to nod off. Plus, as Mercedes puts it, 'the car is able to "see", "feel", respond reflexively and act autonomously to prevent accidents or mitigate their effect.' Clever bugger.

Mercedes-Benz SLS Gullwing

2009 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing.   No Gullwing at the New York show, sadly, but Mercedes did shine a teaser sketch onto a big screen, and unveiled the interior, which is full of leather, carbon fibre and Alcantara. That's not surprising. What is surprising, though, is that it doesn't look like a posh SL in there...well, maybe a little bit. Still looks pretty special though, and it's got gullwing doors. What more do you want?

Mitsubishi Outlander GT prototype

2009 Mitsubishi Outlander GT prototype.   Ah, it's that 'jet fighter grille' again - Mitsubishi's gaping snout, as seen on the Evo X and more recently the Colt Ralliart. Japan's best maker of mentalist saloons has grafted the famous nose onto an Outlander and called it the GT Prototype. Whether it looks brilliant or ridiculous is your call, but it'll be in production soon either way.

Nissan 370Zs

2009 Nissan 370Z Roadster.   Nissan might be a very excellent purveyor of cars for the family motorist to enjoy, but it's also doing a fine line in cars for the mentalist these days too. Its latest two sportscar wares are based on the lovely 370Z: the Nismo 370Z and the 370Z Roadster. The former is even more hardcore and packs an extra 18bhp and a nice body kit, while the Roadster is a little softer because it's got a retractable cloth roof for posing types. It's that simple, really.

Scion iQ concept

2009 Scion iQ concept.   Yes! Scion, Toyota's American 'youth' brand, blasted into New York with this huge wheeled and body-kitted iQ, wearing a set of flares that would put John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever to shame. This is how all city cars should be: terrifying, brash and vulgar on the outside; yet in reality perfectly reasonable and actually quite clever underneath.

Subaru Legacy

2009 Subaru Legacy.   Subaru's sensible four-door has been overhauled so that more people will remember it exists. It's now more handsome, better built and a little cheaper to run. It didn't really set New York alight, but it looks ok, and if you're really into quite big, quite leftfield saloons it'll be right up your street.

Subaru Outback

2009 Subaru Outback.   Cheeky Subaru didn't tell anybody it was going to unveil the new Outback in New York, though that might be because nobody would have been that enthusiastic about it; as it is, it's a nice little surprise. Quite bog standard stuff really: it's bigger, better looking, higher quality and again likely to become the default choice for transport to and from all-weekend grouse shooting soirees.


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