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2013 Detroit Auto Show. Image by Newspress.


2013 Detroit Auto Show

Finished saying 'Happy New Year' yet? Good, it's time to check out what the Detroit Auto Show had in store for 2013.



 VL Automotive


  Acura MDX prototype (3)
Acura NSX concept (28)
Audi RS 7 Sportback (15)
Audi SQ5 - US TFSI model (14)
Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible (14)
BMW 4 Series Coupé (35)
BMW Concept 4 Series (8)
BMW M6 Gran Coupé (28)
BMW Z4 (85)
Cadillac ELR (28)
Cadillac in Detroit (2)
Chevrolet Corvette (1)
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (40)
Chevrolet Sonic LTZ (5)
Corvette engine (1)
Corvette logo (1)
Detroit Auto Show (15)
Dodge Dart (4)
Dodge in Detroit (6)
Ferrari at Detroit (4)
Ford at Detroit (5)
Ford Atlas concept (55)
Ford Fiesta ST (5)
Ford Fusion (aka Mondeo) (7)
Honda Urban SUV Concept (10)
Hyundai HCD-14 concept (37)
Infiniti Q50 (9)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (107)
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (50)
Kia Cadenza (6)
Lexus IS (10)
Lexus LS (5)
Lincoln MKC concept (24)
Maserati Quattroporte (6)
Mercedes-Benz CLA (39)
Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG (17)
Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG Estate (13)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class (39)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet (11)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé (12)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (13)
Nissan Resonance concept (22)
Nissan Versa Note (7)
Tesla Model S (7)
Tesla Model X (5)
Toyota Furia Corolla concept (26)
VL Automotive Destino (6)
Volkswagen CrossBlue concept (24)


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2013 Detroit Auto Show - Paul Healy, Shane O' Donoghue, Kyle Fortune

Here is a brief rundown of what was unveiled when the motoring world decamped to Motor City, USA.


Audi   We thought Audi may reveal a concept version of the RS 7 Sportback to steal some thunder from the BMW M6 Gran Coupé. We were wrong; it unveiled the production model and announced prices for the 190mph super-coupé. Power is provided by the same bi-turbo V8 as the recently revealed RS 6 Avant that churns out 560hp and 700Nm of torque. Audi also announced a petrol version of the SQ5 for specific (mainly American) markets. Power will come from a 350hp supercharged V6 engine, but while we will not get the petrol SQ5 we can content ourselves with the knowledge that, thanks to superior torque levels, the diesel model will actually be quicker!


Bentley   'The world's fastest four-seat convertible.' That is how Bentley described the Continental GT Speed Convertible and with a 625hp W12 engine and top speed of 202mph who are we to argue?


BMW   A high-performance variant of a four-door version of the two-door coupé that is based on a four-door saloon? That will be the M6 Gran Coupé then. Packing the same twin-turbocharged 560hp V8 engine as the M5 saloon, the M6 Gran Coupé had to share the limelight with the 4 Series Coupé concept that replaces the 3 Series Coupé in the model line-up. There was also an updated Z4 but that hardly got a look in.


Cadillac   Think of a coupé version of the Chevrolet Volt/Vauxhall Ampera with some Cadillac chintz applied to it and you have the ELR - a range extended luxury coupé that is based upon the Converj concept car that debuted in 2009.


Chevrolet   We did not expect the arrival of the Corvette C7 to make much of a ripple this side of the Atlantic, but two things proved us wrong: the revival of the iconic 'Stingray’ name (the new car is called the Corvette Stingray) and the announcement that it will in time be offered in right-hand drive. Expect 450hp from the boggo-spec model with a 0-62mph time approaching that of the hot Z06 version of the sixth generation 'Vette. Despite offering more power than before the 6.2-litre LT-1 V8 engine is said to return better economy too, thanks to cylinder-on-demand technology that shuts off four of the cylinders under partial load.


Honda   At the time of writing Honda has not yet unveiled the production version of the NSX, but it has shown the Jazz-based 'Urban SUV' concept, a car that will allow Honda to go head-to-head with the Nissan Juke. Yeah, we are still awaiting the NSX too!


Hyundai   The idea of Hyundai showing a car that can rival the Mercedes-Benz CLS or BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé for style and opulence may seem strange in the UK but Stateside the Korean brand is a big player. The HCD-14 Genesis concept, with its suicide rear doors, 5.0-litre V8 engine and technological prowess (it features eye-tracking and interactive 3D gesture recognition) would certainly enable Hyundai to compete with German rivals. Shame we will not get it in the UK then.


Infiniti   The M and G designations are dead; long live the Q! The Q50 sports saloon is the first of a new breed of Infiniti models that will all wear the Q designation. So far the engine line-up for the bold looking saloon has been distinctly aimed at American buyers with a 328hp 3.7-litre V6 or 360hp 3.5-litre V6 hybrid powertrain announced, but the European car will be shown in Geneva where we expect a diesel option to be included.


Lexus   Lexus has not yet revealed the all-new, third generation IS saloon but we know it’s there. The hope from Japan is that the new car will allow it to compete directly with BMW/Audi/Mercedes-Benz though the lack of a diesel option may hurt those chances (in Europe at least). Check back for more information from the official reveal.


Maserati   Maserati has ambitious (some would say ludicrous) plans to jump from less than 7,000 sales to more than 50,000 by 2015 and the Quattroporte marks the beginning of that plan. The new car has been repositioned to better enable it to compete with premium German offerings. The engine line-up consists of a Chrysler sourced turbocharged V6 producing 410hp and a 530hp V8 unit, fettled by the engineers at stable mates, Ferrari. Q4 all-wheel drive will also be offered, though not in right-hand drive.


Mercedes-Benz   While rival BMW was busy showing off the two-door version of its four-door saloon Mercedes-Benz was busy with the coupé version of a five-door hatchback. The much talked about 'baby CLS’ is finally here and is officially called the CLA. Like the A-Class on which it is based the CLA will be front-wheel drive (though the AMG version is likely to be four-wheel drive) and will be launched with two petrol (1.6- and 2.0-litre) and two diesel (2.0- and 2.2-litre) engines. Prices are yet to be confirmed but order books for UK cars will open in March. We also got to see the completely refreshed E-Class line-up with the entire range - saloon, estate, coupé and cabriolet - on display. The 550hp E 63 AMG was also shown, as too was the more powerful E 63 AMG S that offers 580hp, revised suspension and a limited slip differential.


MINI   Like it or loathe it the MINI Paceman - a coupé version of the Countryman - is here to stay and like all MINI models it will be available in hardcore John Cooper Works specification that was revealed for the first time to the public in Detroit. The Paceman JCW will feature the same 218hp turbocharged 1.6-litre engine and ALL4 four-wheel drive as the Countryman version but we expect the three-door coupé will be slightly quicker.


Toyota   If the next generation Toyota Corolla looks like the Furia concept we will eat our collective hats. The striking concept is a clear statement of intent that Toyota is keen to ditch its dowdy image and 'sex up’ the best-selling Corolla to better enable it to compete with the Honda Civic and Ford Focus, but it is such a drastic departure it may alienate traditional Corolla buyers.


Volkswagen   Ok, it appears we called this one wrong; there is still no sign of the Golf R Cabriolet with the main focus of the Volkswagen stand being the CrossBlue concept. The XL-sized SUV has seven seats (though the concept was shown with six) and the diesel hybrid has been designed specifically for the US market. Destined to sit below the Touareg in Volkswagen's line-up the CrossBlue will allow the company to better compete with the likes of the Ford Expedition in the USA.


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