(CitroŽn UK press release - 15 September 1999)

CitroŽn demonstrates its flair for innovation, technology and design at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with a wide array of stylish vehicles, visions of motoring in the future and the introduction of state of the art in-car technology, together with all the usual developments to the existing model line-up.

Having attracted widespread praise last year with its C3 and C6 concept cars, CitroŽn's design team has now crafted the CitroŽn Pluriel that forms the basis for a new stylish city car. The Pluriel's adaptive interior and exterior goes one better than the MCC Smart. It can become a convertible saloon, an open topped leisure vehicle or even a Spider Pick-up.

The CitroŽn Pluriel concept

Placing CitroŽn at the cutting edge of in-car technology, the new Xsara Windows CE (hmm) features voice control for the radio, GPS satellite navigation and integrated mobile phone. Additionally, the Xsara Windows CE will offer access to CitroŽn On Line, a special Web based call centre service. On sale in France this year, the Xsara Windows CE represents the culmination of a series of computer technology prototypes from CitroŽn.

Set to go on sale in the UK in the year 2000, CitroŽn's sleek and stylish mini-MPV, the Xsara Picasso will be on display, showing off its controversial name. Promising its five occupants more leg room than a full size MPV, more elbow room than a large family car and a boot bigger than some estate cars, the Xsara Picasso has a flat floor and dashboard mounted gear lever to enhance the spacious feel.

Sporting CitroŽn's computer controlled common rail HDi direct diesel injection system, the latest additions to the popular Synergie and Berlingo Multispace ranges will also be on show.

Soon to be launched in the UK, the new look Saxo gets its first international outing, showing significant external changes, with a new fluted bonnet; bolder chevrons on the grille and modern, stylish lights to give this top-selling supermini an even more dynamic appearance.

The production version of the CitroŽn Xsara Picasso

Looking to the future, CitroŽn's two concept cars, C3 Lumiere and C6 Lignage will be on view. Giving more than a hint of what a future small CitroŽn might look like, the C3 boasts a rounded and curvaceous design that achieves an inviting and loveable look from all angles. This stylish design blends an electrically operated glass slat sunroof that runs almost the full length of the roof with a large and panoramic windscreen to create a light and airy feel to the colour co-ordinated interior.

Another unmistakable CitroŽn profile at Frankfurt is that of the ultimate executive luxury saloon, the C6 Lignage. Placing the emphasis on comfort, aerodynamic styling, spaciousness and environmental sensitivity, the C6 Lignage certainly sets itself apart from rival designs. Technology features strongly, with cameras instead of rear view mirrors, on-board personal computers and television screens. Other areas of potential development include active suspension control together with voice controlled radio, CD player and satellite navigation, whilst infrared vision could make for safer night driving.

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