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BMW 318Ci @ The 1999 London Motor Show

by Shane O' Donoghue / Mark Sims

(BMW press release)


The BMW 3-series can not lose in the current buoyant market.

The new 318Ci, which makes its public debut at the London Motor Show (October 21-31), is the third member of the new 3 Series Coupé range, introduced in June 1999. BMW expect the £22,150 318Ci to be the best-selling model in the Coupé line-up. One in four coupés sold in the UK is a BMW 3 Series.

Powered by the 118 bhp 1.9 litre engine from the 318i Saloon and Z3 1.8, the 318Ci offers drivers an elegant and refined Coupé body with plenty of room for four adults.

The four cylinder engine is equipped with counter-rotating balancer shafts, endowing the 318Ci with a smoothness which could easily be mistaken for a straight six cylinder engine. This, combined with 180Nm (133 lb ft) of torque delivered at 3900 rpm, exactly the same figure but lower down the rev range than the outgoing 318iS it replaces, ensures that the 318Ci is a responsive performer in everyday road conditions.

The 318Ci is equipped with a high standard specification including alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, ASC+T traction control, Cornering Brake Control, six airbags and through-load system, to mention but a few.

A tasty yet understated coupe - not really exciting though in our humble view

Further customer value is added by a 12E insurance rating thanks to BMW's award-winning security systems. The car has been granted a Category 1 Security rating by Thatcham.

The price for entry into the BMW 3 Series Coupé range is a tempting £22,150 including all on-the-road charges. A four speed automatic transmission including Steptronic is available for a further £1170.

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