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by Murph.

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Impreza your friends

You may have played the game "Colin McRae Rally" on either PC or Playstation and wondered what it would be like to drive the car. Well there is a chance for the limited few to do this, if you have a spare 45,000 that is! Sharing the same chassis as the WRX coupe is about the only similarity to any previous Impreza's, however - the Sti 22B is a 2.2-litre roadgoing version of the highly successful McRae competition Impreza 555 WRC 98. Only 400 of the 22B will be produced, well actually 399 with no.13 being deleted for obvious reasons. I think I would risk it! Only 20 cars are destined for the UK market.
Sti (Subaru Technica International) have taken this ordinary saloon (yes, the Turbo is ordinary in comparison!) and turned it into a serious supercar challenger. The high rear spoiler and extended wheel arches give the car an aggressive appearance. All of this sits on sport suspension developed by German specialist Eibach. Booted in 235/40 low profile Pirelli P-Zeros fitted to 17inch BBS alloys - this machine certainly looks the part.
Does this look your everyday Impreza to you? I thought not.
On the inside the 3-spoke suede finished sports steering wheel gives you a hint that this is no ordinary replica. Airbags have been deleted, in the interests of weight reduction! The instrument panel is functional with the tacho taking centre position. Staying in your seat is aided by the winged front sports seats. Under the hood, well, where does one begin? The flat-four turbo began life as an 1994cc WRX powerplant but has an increased bore of 2212cc. Power is transferred to the wheels, all of which are driven of course, through a five speed manual transmission. 0 to 60mph is under four seconds. The WRX has a 0 to 60mph time of 4.3 seconds. The Mclaren F1 manages it in 3.2s....
Murph - 19 Feb 1999
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Don't you just love it? Photographs copyright Subaru
Engine Spec: 2212cc 16v Flat-Four Turbo
Maximum Power: 280bhp (officially) - realistically more like 350bhp!
Gearbox: 5 speed manual - 4wd
Steering: Power-assisted rack and pinion
Wheels: 17" BBS Alloys
Tyres: 235x40x17 Pirelli P-Zero
Brakes: Anti-lock system, Ventilated discs all round
Est. Price: 45,000

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