Ford Motor Company focuses on aftermarket

(Ford Motor Company press release - 02 November 1999)
The 34th annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show

More than 250 Ford Motor Company vehicles - from Volvo, Mazda, Lincoln, Ford and Mercury - are displayed at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, including 18 unique Ford Focus models and a record number of cars and trucks supplied by Ford to aftermarket companies for retrofitting and display.

Through an innovative program with the aftermarket, Ford supplies project cars to manufacturers and restylers, allowing them to develop unique feature vehicles for shows like SEMA. Ford has supported the aftermarket through this program since 1991 and has supplied nearly 250 cars and trucks for conversion.

"The project vehicles we provide to SEMA members help to stir creativity among aftermarket companies and restylers at the time they are looking to create unique components and accessories," says Bob Rewey, group vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service.

"Accessory makers like getting access to our cars and trucks as early as possible in the development process so they can have unique parts ready for their customers the moment the vehicle goes on sale," says Rewey. "We like giving them access to our vehicles because it helps promote our products. It's clearly a win-win for both Ford and the aftermarket."

The SEMA show is well known for showcasing extreme designs and concepts and this year is no exception. From the all-new 2000 Ford Focus compact to the new Excursion full-size SUV, conversion companies retrofit Ford cars for performance enthusiasts and Ford trucks for off-road adventurers, mountain bikers, surfers and other 'adrenalin' sports enthusiasts.

Highlights of the more than 250 Ford cars and trucks on display include:

Focus Woody Surfing Wagon
Decked out with surf boards from Body Glove and 18-inch wheels and tires, the Focus Woody Surfing Wagon by Motorsport Technology, Inc. of Grand Terrace, Calif., features retro wood paneling and a wooden roof rack like the woody station wagons of yesteryear. The interior, created by New Image of Norco, Calif., features two-tone red and white tweed seats and a wood and red instrument panel.

The 2000 Ford Focus is one of the most prominently displayed vehicles at this year's show. Eighteen different Ford Focus models are on display at SEMA, including four drag racing cars (one by British racer Wayne Saunders) and 11 project cars by aftermarket restylers.

Ranger Thrillseeker
Aimed at the extreme sports enthusiast, this Ranger four-door Supercab has been built by Westin Automotive Products of Irwindale, Calif. Designed to help you get to your 'adrenalin' sport, the Thrillseeker features a Superlift suspension system, front mounted Superwinch, Westin Grille and step bars and a specially designed Toule roof rack. Thrillseeker could also be called 'attention-seeker' with its unique black bodywork featuring vivid orange, green and purple graphics.

F-150 Rooster
Targeted at the performance enthusiast, the Rooster is based off a 5.4L 4x4 F-150 Regular cab pickup and was designed by M&L Automotive Specialists of Two Rivers, Wis. Changes to the Ford Triton V8 include a supercharger with aftercooler producing around 500 hp. Aggressive body styling accessories and performance tires and alloy wheels complement this unique F-Series.

Stillen F-150
Using Formula One racing technology combined with Stillen engineering expertise, this 2000 model F-150 pickup truck targets on and off-road performance enthusiasts. With a supercharged 5.4L V8, 4x4 drivetrain and unique bolt-on body styling panels the Stillen F-150 has been designed to provide enhanced off-road, towing and highway driving performance. As well as being able move quickly across all terrain, the Stillen F-150 can also stop fast as well with six-piston brake calipers and large crossdrilled and slotted brake rotors. The Stillen F-150 was designed and built by Steve Millen Sportsparts of Costa Mesa, Calif.

Expedition Seascape
Proving that your SUV can support both your land and water-based leisure activities, the Expedition Seascape - designed by Magna Symatec of Troy, Mich. - offers the watersports enthusiast the ideal complement to their boat or jet-ski. Seascape features an auto-retractable backlight, rear sundeck, power canopy roof and reverse angle cameras to aid maneuvering in restricted waterfront environments. In keeping with the nautical theme, the Expedition Seascape also features a GPS satellite navigation system - familiar to any yachtsman or sailing enthusiast.

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