This is not right - an estate that thinks it is a supercar

If you are on the roads next summer, flying along in your sports car, and suddenly, out of nowhere an estate car blasts past you, around the next corner on the proverbial rails and into the distance then do not be alarmed. It may well be the new Audi RS4 Avant Quattro. When you reach the next petrol station, do not be surprised if you see a family of four and their dogs climb out of the same car. This really could be the ultimate estate car on the roads yet, if the hype is anything to go by anyway.

The RS4's predecessor was the raw, fantastic Avant RS2, breathed on by Porsche engineers, wheels and brakes. That car shamed even some Ferraris, but was not the most involving to drive. Can the RS4 do better? It certainly has a good base. The S4 Quattro is already a very able car. The RS4 is heavily modified as you can see in this picture. The S4 Quattro has a 2.7-litre twin-turbo five-valve engine, which is extensively modified to churn out a massive 380bhp at 6500rpm (previously 265bhp at 5800rpm). A six-speed manual gearbox will link this beast of an engine to the Quattro drive-train.

The RS4 follows the RS2 in the styling stakes with flared arches, a restyled tail and side sills complement these, adding a serious presence to the Audi estate profile. Of course, there will be new alloys coupled to a lowered and stiffened chassis. More details closer to the on-sale date.

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