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Jaguar, the new generation
  2005-09-01 20:18:51
It looks like the end of the Jaguar of Britain and the arising of US Ford's Jaguar. Especially the front of the car in grey colour gives me the association of many of Ford's earlier and recent models, like the Ford Mustang. 'Cheap' in a way and therefore lacking in that traditional Jaguar class. At its best, the exterior design got a sweep of Aston Martin.
Mr S.J Hjellbrekke,

2005-09-05 20:25:43
I love the outgoing XK. It is as timeless as the E-type and XJS it succeeds. This new car is equally beautiful, but in a different way. I can't see it being as timeless as the previous generation.

2005-09-08 12:13:07
I own an XKR; not a sports car and not very rigid. But very beautiful! The new one... I just don't know. It seems a big, heavy, American car. I would like to love it once it must be a very much better car then the current, but I just don't know.

2005-09-14 09:44:44
As a life long Jaguar fan this is a car they should have built a long time ago. It is stunning, a technological masterpiece. It is about as British as you can get no American car comes close and indeed its rivals in Europe pale in comparison. It sounds amazing and in standard form it will leave the current XKR for dead so it is seriously quick. Anyone in Britain or parts of the US that has seen the BBC series Top Gear, will know the current XK despite its faults is a great car and it feels special where so many rivals do not. The new model takes that bar and raises it. Only British companies understand how to build chassis for our and indeed more uneven roads in general. We design and make the best GTs in the world. The interior options are beautiful, lots of space as well. This is a driver's car, a true sports car like the series 1 E-type and the cars before it.

It looks good, sounds good, has great technology and will drive like no Jag has for decades. What more could you want. We're back to 'Grace, Space and Pace'. I want to be first in line!

2005-09-18 10:41:57
Great, but a bit weary of the back edge of headlights and me thinks the grille could be a bit deeper [open wider].
frank dominish

  2005 Jaguar XK. Image by Jaguar.Jaguar's new XK promises to be much more sporting than the outgoing car, yet retains its elegance.

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