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Story by Chrysler: 12th January 2000


Presented today by DaimlerChrysler at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the GT Cruiser concept vehicle is Chrysler's own example of how the forthcoming PT Cruiser can be personalised. The concept boasts a custom design theme as well as a 200 bhp, 225 lb.ft. turbocharged engine under its bonnet.

Chrysler GT Cruiser Concept Vehicle - Photograph by DaimlerChrysler

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is one of the many concept-to-reality projects to emerge from DaimlerChrysler’s design studios. Available in the UK in early summer, the Chrysler PT Cruiser is already acclaimed by many as being 'too cool to categorise'.

"The distinct personality of the Chrysler PT Cruiser is unmatched by any vehicle on the road today," said Tom Gale, Executive Vice President for Product Development and Design. "The GT Cruiser concept also borrows design cues from classic American automobiles, but shows how this design can be individualised."

"We followed traditional customising guidelines," said Kenneth Carlson, Senior Designer at DaimlerChrysler, a hot-rodder at heart and responsible for the GT Cruiser. "Lowering the vehicle by one inch and widening the track by two inches resulted in its athletic stance. Removing the badges from the hood and deck and integrating the bumpers in the fascias give the vehicle a clean front and rear appearance. In addition, the badges are incorporated in the grille and rear number plate surround, in effect minimising the number of design elements."

The GT Cruiser’s solid stance is complemented by distinct flares on the wings, accommodating the larger wheels. Dual chrome exhaust pipes underscore the sporty character. In the interior, leather seats enhance the atmosphere in the vehicle, creating a performance feel during driving.

The GT Cruiser gets its power from a 2.4-litre turbocharged engine, coupled to an American Club Racing (ACR) five-speed manual transaxle. The lowered suspension incorporates ACR KONI/Mopar struts and upgraded sway bars. The vehicle rolls on 17" chrome wheels with 215/45 tyres.

The GT Cruiser is another example of the Chrysler brand’s heritage approach to design - taking classic forms and revitalizing them with contemporary clean lines. Added Gale: "With GT Cruiser we explored just one of many ways the new Chrysler PT Cruiser can be personalised, and created a customised performance concept."